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> Bonaventure Project | Laureate of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN!

GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN – 12th Edition. Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre has won the Grands Prix Du Design Award for « Architecture de paysage à caractère environnemental », for the Bonaventure Project.

Made possible after the demolition of the elevated Bonaventure highway, the Bonaventure Project, by Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre, becomes a new urban boulevard celebrating art and nature and giving back hectares of green to citizens.

Thousands of plants, requiring no watering once their germination completed, significantly enhance the biomass and biodiversity of the neighbourhood. There are now twice as many trees as before in the area, allowing for the capture of more than 310 tons of carbon dioxide, over the course of the next thirty years. These trees also intercept more than 29,000 cubic metres of water, otherwise drained by sewers. Grassy zones, vegetation and small gardens also act as ingenious ways to control water and rain intakes in situ.

The jury was impressed by the hip and fun dimension of the project, its innovative approach to art integration and the positive environmental impact it holds for Montreal.

Multiple award-winners, the Bonaventure Project was also rewarded with the following honours :

  • First SITES v2 certification in Canada
  • Prix Élixir 2018, Project Management Institute (PMI) Montréal.
  • Prix d'excellence en urbanisme 2018 | Catégorie « Design urbain », Institut canadien des urbanistes (ICU).
  • Grand prix d’excellence en transport 2018 | Catégorie « Infrastructures », Association québécoise des transports (AQTr).
  • Prix de réalisation en transports urbains durables, Association des transports du Canada (ATC), 2018.
  • Prix INOVA | Mention d’excellence du jury « Grand projet d’urbanisme », Institut de développement urbain du Québec (IDU), 2018.
  • 2018 Downtown Achievement Award, Pinnacle Award | Catégorie « Public Space », International Downtown Association (IDA).

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    > Mélanie Glorieux Keynote Speaker at McGill University

    On June 1st, keynote speaker Mélanie Glorieux, partner at Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre, will be presenting a conference entitled "Urban Sustainability and Phytotechnologies" at the MONTREAL'S URBAN SUSTAINABILITY EXPERIENCE (MUSE) SYMPOSIUM 2018.

    Open to public | RSVP : MARIEVE.ISABEL@MCGILL.CA

    >> Information

    > Two new biologists join the team

    Montreal, March 18, 2018 - The Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is pleased to announce the creation of a new team dedicated to environmental studies. To coordinate these new services, two experienced biologists join the team.

    With this range of enhanced services, the Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre has taken a new step to assist you through all the planning phases of a project. Indeed, the environmental and social dimensions have become a must and the Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre recognizes the importance of offering an integrated service that takes into account these dimensions, to facilitate the integration of each project in its physical and human environment.

    >> press release

    > Winner of the competition to expand and renovate L'Octogone Library

    Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre est fière de faire partie de l'équipe lauréate pour le concours d’architecture pluridisciplinaire de l’agrandissement et rénovation de la bibliothèque de L’Octogone, dans l’arrondissement de LaSalle avec l’équipe de Anne Carrier architecture / Labonté Marcil en consortium, en collaboration avec Les services EXP en ingénierie. Félicitations à toute l’équipe! The Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is proud to be part of the winning team for the multidisciplinary architecture competition for the expansion and renovation of the L'Octogone library, in the LaSalle borough with the Anne Carrier architecture team / Labonté Marcil in consortium, in collaboration with EXP Engineering Services. Congratulations to the whole team!

    >> details

    > Finalist for the competition Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent

    The Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is proud to announce it has qualified among the three finalists from the seven proposals presented for the competition Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent. The team is presently working alongside biologists and engineers from J. F. Sabourin & associés and the industrial designers from Signature Design Communication to develop a concept that will be presented before a jury on April 5th, 2018 at the Centre des loisirs de Saint-Laurent.
    Congratulations to the team!

    > Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre welcomes two new partners

    MONTREAL, December 21, 2016 — Michel Rousseau and Daniel Lefebvre, founding partners of Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre, are pleased to announce the appointment of Mélanie Glorieux and Julie Bonneau as partners. “Nearly 30 years after we started, we are proud to welcome two creative women into our management team. Their experience and expertise will broaden the firm’s vision and have an impact on its visibility.”

    >> Press release

    > GRL is in charge Magog Masterplan for the revitalization of its city center

    GRL is in charge of Magog city center revitalization masterplan. The proposition aims for a global vision of the site with a strong design identity inspired by Magog first settlement. Indeed, textile industry and proximity of water has been important vectors in city development. The first phase of the project is set for 2018.

    >> Radio-Canada article

    > La Maison Simons in Anjou wins Public Prize 2015, Commerce Design Montreal

    Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is proud of its collaboration in the successful project La Maison Simons located in the city of Anjou. The implementation of a new and major store at the Galeries D’Anjou Mall, implied a reorganisation of the access road, parking and entrances and therefore our landscape approach ensure the integration and an impressive exposure for this new building.

    Sober retaining walls and delicate mass plantings inserted this imposing building upon the existing topography and create an inviting and contemporary site reflecting the corporate image wished by Simons.

    >> project details

    > SQP | Phytotechnology tour at Centropolis Laval with Michel Rousseau

    As the designer of the Société Québécoise de la Phytotechnologie (SQP) project, Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is proud to be part of the phytotechnology tour organized by the SQP that will take place the 7th of October at Centropolis complex in Laval. Awardee of National Environnement Boma Prize 2015-2016 and Dunamis Prize in Sustainable/Eco citizenship category, this innovative project stand as a model of stormwater management.

    >> project details

    > GRL is taking part in a feasibility study for a public Harbour Bath in Old Port of Montreal

    Urban design team at Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre, with the collaboration of Zins Beauchesne, was mandated by City of Montreal for a major tourist project: a public Harbour Bath in the waters of Old Port of Montreal.

    Within the context of the Water Plan and the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the firm will start a feasibly study of a public Harbour Bath in the waters of Old Port of Montreal. This study, in regard of similar projects realised in other metropoles, will define technical and urban design guidelines to assured its success. The project is expected for summer 2017.

    > GRL is authorized by AMF to enter into public contracts

    L'Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) agrees to Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre to enter public contracts in Quebec, thereby recognizing the high standards of public rights are respected.

    > Sarah Lacombe winner of the Emerging Professional Award of the AAPC

    We are proud to announce that a member of the GRL team, Sarah Lacombe, a landscape architect and horticulturist, wins the Emerging Professional Award of the CSLA. She is the founder for 3 years of the highly successful Pamphlet, a francophone blog presenting innovative national and international landscape projects. In the recent year, Sarah's passion for plants gave way to Bosquet, a magazine that mixes poetry and horticulture. Our congratulations on a well deserved recognition. >> details

    > GRL is taking part in the writing of the Sustainable Water Management Guide

    With years of experience, Michel Rousseau and Mélanie Glorieux collaborated to the writing of the Sustainable Water Management Guide for horticulture published by the FIHOQ. This guide is designed to serve as a reference for the industry of professionals.>> details

    > Michel Rousseau is inducted in the CLSA College of Fellows

    We are proud to announce the entrance of Michel Rousseau, a GRL associate, in CLSA College of Fellows that took place in the congress in Ottawa the 30th of May. The entrance in the College of Fellows is the greatest honor gived by the CSLA to a member.   >> details

    > GRL wins a design contest for Chambery Boulevard

    GRL proposition has been selected for the requalification of the Boulevard Chambery, located in Canada’s biggest green neighbourhood. This signature project displays fine sculptural elements and an abundant plantation inspired by natural habitats. This 1.7 M$ plantation project will become an emblem for the neighbourhood.   >> project details

    > Michel Rousseau cooperates to the new riverbank planning guide

    Michel Rousseau use is expertise in the making of the Guide of Good practices in riverbanks-Planning and techniques for stabilization and restoration, edited by FIHOQ. This guide is available on the new website banderiveraine.org. Happy reading!   >> link to the Guide

    > Prize from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architect _Green Alley project, Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough

    The CSLA chose among its best candidates our new Green Alley project in Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough. This innovative project mixes commercial and residential uses into a welcoming gathering space for the community. We integrated technical aspects to insure to our project, more specifically, stormwater management, biodiversity and green construction techniques. Congratulations to the team!   >> project details

    > GRL is mandated for a stormwater management project on Papineau Avenue

    Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre has been selected by City of Montreal for a source stormwater monitoring on Papineau Avenue, located between Crémazie Boulevard and Louvain Street. This innovative project will become one of the major project in stormwater management on a national scale. All water monitoring and managing will be displayed in the redesign of the boulevard over a 2 kilometers distance. >> project details

    > GRL is a finalist for the Plage de l’Est Design competition

    Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre is proud to announce to one of the 5 finalists over 36 propositions for the Plage de l’Est Design competition held by Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles Borough and City of Montreal. The team is working on the second phase of the competition which will be presented in December. Congratulations to the team! >> project details

    > North Montreal Borough rewarded at the Sustainable Development Gala held in Montreal

    Our sincere congratulations to The Urban Planning and Businesses Services Department and the citizens of Montreal North Borough. The team have won First prize in Public Bodies category for “Commercial revitalization and greening” of Le Pascal and Del Sol places. This project designed for the citizens, aims the creation of a welcoming and secure environment and make the commercial node and proximity services more attractive. The objectives of this initiative, are to embellish the area and create a secure, dynamic and welcoming gathering space in the neighbourhood. We are proud of our collaboration in the success of this project. >> project details