Le Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre


The Collective

The team of JPB architectes and Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre join forces to imagine and create new, seamless and innovative development projects where urban design, architecture, landscape and environment are linked together. Preoccupied by the major social, economic and environmental challenges faced by the Undeveloped countries, our experimented professionals seek to manage, plan and deliver sustainable projects for future generations. Our architects, landscape architects and urban designers are supported by specialist in agronomics, ecology and engineering in their searches for creative solutions to the issues regarding development.

Our Approach

Our integrated design approach aims for the development of urban environment, living environment, buildings and publics spaces linked to the local culture and way of life. In combining architecture, landscape architecture, landscape and environment, we seek to create contrasting projects, life projects that transcend the usual limits between professions. Throughout this complementarity of services, we find a renewed balance between the development needs of a population and its capacity to receive the proposed implementation.

We favor helping the Undeveloped countries and participate in the emergence of a local force of sustainable planning. In fact, for each project, we integrate local professionals to the team in an effort to maximise the share of knowledge and expertise. This knowledge exchange is a sign of our interest for a more harmonious development of communities.



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